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Published: 17 January 2014
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Welcome To UPSA Intranet  

Here you will find personal and specific information regarding the activities at the University.

To access the confidential information regarding your grades, attendance, schedules and different activities at UPSA, you must request your Personal identification number (PIN) at the window of the Dept. of Admissions and Registration. 


Use your PIN to access the WIFI service at UPSA Campus without paper work or lines. Start the request for your PIN number now!



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Published: 30 January 2014
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The Continuing Education Unit CENACE (Counselling Centre and Business Consultancy) is the unit of the UPSA being conducted both closed character, aimed at companies and institutions, as open to independent professionals and the public short training programs and update generally.

Through them, training is provided in the areas of business management, systems management, engineering and maintenance, information technology and languages. Dictating around 180 programs and exclusive tailor-annually. With which over 13 years has trained and updated personnel of the leading companies of Bolivia and some international.

For more information on our courses you can press the button below or go to the website



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Published: 19 February 2015
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Modelo Virtual


Our Virtual Platform, in line with the University philosophy, considers the student the central axis of the entire educative process. Under this principle, we believe we have to have the necessary tools to accompany the process successfully from the beginning until their completion and extend the teaching-learning process beyond the classroom.

In this sense, Upsa-virtual is oriented to enrich and facilitate this process using the educative available technologies and putting them at the service of students and professors

In order to find further information regarding the organization of our University, please visit the following links of Pre-degree and Post Degree.



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The Department of Advice and Student Welfare (DABE) is the specialized unit created to provide assistance to the university community collaborating with the comprehensive development of the students.

Complementing the academic formation of excellence provided by the University, we would like our students to feel contained, supported, listened to and guided in the different stages of their formation.


The Department of Advice and Student Welfare at UPSA carry out duties of advice in the areas of psychology, supervise registration program, pre-university preparation, psycho-pedagogy, and vocational orientation for high school graduates and those schools that require it; also, it develops program of University Social Responsibility such as that operating in different activities in the community, called “Together to the Future”.

In 2012 we made several proposals regarding the development of competences for undergraduates. Also, through the Student Newspaper we informed the entire UPSA community about the most important activities of the five colleges and the institutional events.





Head of DABE

Lic. Mary Cruz de Urioste Vidaurre

In charge of Psycho-pedagogy

Lic. Blanca Faldín Peña

In charge of the Program of Support for Students

Lic. Rodrigo Vargas Sainz
















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